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Lawday Cathy. Get Set Go! 1 Teacher’s Book


Oxford University Press, 80 c.
The lesson notes include:
a list of the new language items and vocabulary
a list of all the materials you may need in the lesson
detailed step-by-step lesson notes, suggesting how you can use the material in the Pupil’s Book, the Workbook, the Cassette and Flashcards
optional suggestions for extra activities in the lesson
answers to the Workbook activities
In addition to the lesson notes, the Teacher’s Book also contains:
the Syllabus
an Activity Bank with over thirty extra teaching ideas and classroom games
four photocopiable Tests (coming after Revisions 2, 4, 6 and 9) and an Answer Key to the tests
a Wordlist containing all the words from the Pupil’s Book


Скачивание осуществляется с Google (или Яндекс) диска. (без рекламы и вирусов)

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